3 Cars That Most Millenials Want To Buy This 2019

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Millennials who were born between the year of 1982-2004 was coined by the famous demographers, William Straus, and Neil Howe. There is a mix of opinion on what are the characteristics of the millennial generation. Some say that they’re too thrifty while some say they’re overspending. Where do they spend their money? Are they saving up for their future?

Millennials are good savers when it comes to being thrifty on spending their salaries. They save their money for things they want, like buying a car or gadgets. And when it comes to choosing and buying cars, millennials have the capability and knowledge to know what they exactly want. They make sure they are aware of the updates with the new release of vehicles, and it’s specifications when it comes to its engine, accessories, sound system, etc.

If you’re a millennial and you’re looking for a car to buy this 2019, here are three vehicles you may want to choose from:

2019 Toyota Avalon

Toyota is undoubtedly stepping up the game with the release of it’s this year’s, Toyota Avalon. It’s outside has a stylish look, and the inside offers a lot of space for a small-size sedan when compared to other full-size sedans. It’s equipped with a JBL sound system which is a good catch for car owners who likes listening to good and quality music while driving. It also comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto which is one of the first car releases of Toyota to have this feature. And there will also be a release of a hybrid one with an improved fuel economy. The price of the Toyota Avalon will be around $35,500.

2019 Hyundai Veloster

The design of the Hyundai Veloster has a unique asymmetrical shape with the design of its doors. It will have a bigger door in the driver’s side and a smaller door on the passenger’s side. This 2019 model is a car with a space suitable for professional millennials for their personal use only. With the company focusing on the Veloster’s performance, it will have a turbocharged inline-four with 201 horsepower. With its unique exterior, it’s interior also comes with a fresh style and a free-floating touch screen. The 2019 Hyundai Veloster is priced around $18,500.

2019 Subaru Impreza


This 2019, The Subaru Impreza will come back as Subaru’s most affordable four-door passenger car with it being also the smallest sports sedan. It offers an Apple Carplay, and Android Auto in its multimedia screen. The engine will run with an amazing 145 pound-feet of torque and 152 horsepower. Subaru Impreza also provides a lot of space with a cargo space of 12.3 cubic feet with comfortable rear seats. The 2019 model will be as safe as the 2018 model which was chosen by the IIHS as the most safety pick and the NHTSA gave it the Impreza a five-star rating when it comes to its safety features. The Subaru Impreza price will range up to $25,000.

2019 Car models will be a huge hit this year with millennials and will surely catch their attention.

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