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Nobody has managed to negotiate the downstream part before and my buddy, James Toland and I had been keen to check it out. James went in first with an 80cf tank and not much else however had no luck getting by. He checked out me and requested, ‘so do you need to have a go?’ No have to twist my arm, so down I went.

Ultimately Liz and Dean added one other 100ft of line, to a grand complete of 265ft, before the tunnel pinched right down to a restriction. You possibly can get into the restriction simply sufficient with sidemounts, however as soon as by means of the way in which forward was blocked. Ahead the roof and ceiling got here together and left an area perhaps half a foot excessive. To the left it seemed slightly more promising, there was an opportunity that with a bit of effort it may go. What made it awkward was the ‘tooth’, a bit of solid rock that struck out in the course of the already small area. This ultimately made the last restriction impassable, even with out tanks on. I nonetheless hope that in the future I will squeeze my way by way of with a no mount rig on, however that remains to be seen.


One of many Richest Coral Reefs in the World.

The diving and snorkeling consists of huge reefs of pristine corals on the protected East coast of the Similans. There is unimaginable diving and encounters with huge marine life on the deep boulder websites on the West coast of the Similan Islands. On the prime and bottom of the islands, the place these different kinds of sites meet, one finds opportunities for such superb marine life as Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Sharks, Napolean Wrasse and extra.

At first glance the crack regarded impassable, not even large enough to suit a tank by means of, let alone a person. However, on closer inspection I spotted that to the suitable was a low flattener. I rearranged a number of unfastened rocks and had a go at pushing through. Subsequent factor I do know – POW – I used to be in! So I tied off the reel and off I went down the passage. At this level I had no BC, no fins… a tank and a light-weight in a single hand and a reel in the other. I used to be roof walking for about 12m after which I reached a giant pit. That is after I thought, this pet goes! I tied off the reel and made my means again to get some correct gear and my buddy. I popped out of the water and was so stupidly excited I could hardly get a full sentence collectively. The gist of the babble was – grab your gear we’re going diving!

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Studying learn how to dive could also be in your record of things to do. Sipadan Diving Centre conducts a range of PADI-certified dive programs, together with Open Water, Rescue Dive, and Dive Grasp courses. Top-class gear and gear can either be bought or rented on site. Manned by professional workers, Sipadan Diving Centre is ideally located so that nothing (meals, leisure and accommodation) is beyond walking distance. Once a certification is underneath your belt, Sipadan Diving Centre can then be consulted to organize dive trips to at least one, two or more dive websites in the space, including Sipadan. Often rated as one of many prime 5 dive websites on the planet, Sipadan is not to be missed.

The exploration of the cave was a thoughts blowing expertise, to show a cave with only a few hundred toes to a cave with nearly 3km of passage was fairly an journey. What is probably most exceptional in regards to the exploration is that it did not involve mountaineering by way of the jungle and reaching the deepest, darkest, furtherest reaches of the earth. It didn’t require trimix, numerous phases, scooters or perhaps a rebreather. It was old school and it was right right here in Florida. The comparatively shallow depth meant I might spend up to 5 hours underwater, and unlike the deep caves, nearly all of my time was spent cave diving and exploring rather than hanging on deco… I say majority, because it appears eventually even at an average depth of 10m you run into deco.


The inspector will take the valve off the tank, look inside the tank, and guarantee it is still in good condition. Issues that the inspector will search for is contamination contained in the tank (like moisture or rust), cracks or pitting inside, nicks and dents on the surface of the tank, and any imperfections with the threads of the tank which will lead to tank failure.

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