5 Awesome Job Ideas for People Who Love Sports

If you are the type of person who lives and breathes the sport, you may not realize just how many professions revolve around the world of sport. If you want to make a living out of doing something you love, here are five awesome job ideas for people who love sports.

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Sports Marketing and Advertising

If you have a passion for selling, you should consider a sports marketing and advertising position. Sports teams rely heavily on promotion to get their brand out there to the masses. Companies like End Zone Athletics create high-quality merchandise such as T-shirts and banners to promote sports teams. If you have what it takes, make sure to check out local job listings in your area.

Referees and Umpires

With the chance to earn up to $32,000 dollars per year, another job opportunity that may interest you is becoming a referee or umpire. Not only can you make some great money, but the work you do is also invaluable during sports events. The main role of a referee or umpire is to provide narration so that players can understand the game better. Also, you need to decide whether the player is out or not. There are several skills that you need, such as being able to concentrate.

Become a Coach

Another lucrative sports profession you may want to consider is coaching. With the ability to earn up to $36,000 per year, it’s easy to see why so many candidates are drawn to the role. The main requirements of a coach are to ensure that each team member has the skills needed for upcoming matches. Also, a coach needs to conduct regular practice sessions with the team. To be in with a chance of becoming a coach, you must have a major or degree in sports meditation, physiology or sports education.

Athletic Trainers

With many athletic trainers earning over $40,000 per year, this profession is just one of many sports roles that you may be interested in. The main goal of an athletic trainer is to treat athletes with bone and muscle injuries. There are various pieces of equipment that you will need to use such as bandages and tapes to cover body parts which are prone to injury. You need to have a degree in physiology if you wish to become an athletic trainer.

Sports Manager

Another role which can see you earn a ton of money is by becoming a sports manager. As the clue is in the name, you need to be excellent at managing a team of people. As a sports manager, you are expected to perform a wide range of duties, ensuring your team is well looked after and ready to perform. Budgets are just some aspects of the job that you are expected to handle, as well as other managerial roles. This profession is not for the faint hearted as you will need to have a thick skin, especially if your team loses a match.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a recreation worker or you want to be on the pitch as an umpire or referee, there are a whole host of sports-related jobs that you should check out, helping turn your dream job into a reality.

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