Bast Salt Water Live Baits

Many folks just love to fish for nearshore warm-water species. One reason is that there are so many different types of fish to catch. Another is that even if you don’t have your own boat, charter fishing boats are readily available for nearshore fishing Ponte Vedra.

Main Nearshore Florida Sport Fish

A wide spectrum of sport fish inhabits the shallow waters offshore of the Florida peninsula. Some of the favorites include:

  • Speckled Trout: A favorite of many anglers, this fish fights well and tastes delicious!
  • Redfish: A heavy-bodied fighter, also known for its excellent taste, especially in Creole recipes.
  • Southern Flounder: These bottom dwellers are catchable all year long but tend to particularly congregate in the fall.
  • Tarpon: This fish is a silver monster, weighing up to 280 pounds. The “Silver King” is one of the premier sport fish in Florida.
  • Sheepshead: These chunky fish have black vertical bars and super tough teeth. They like to hang around piers and underwater structures.

As an added treat, you may even see some beautiful dolphins playing in the water as you fish.


The Best Baits to Catch Them

Although most nearshore fish will strike at lures, most Florida saltwater fishermen prefer to use live bait. A number of good ones are readily available to use, including:

  • Live Shrimp: Probably the most all-around popular bait. Almost any fish will hit them.
  • Finger Mullet: These look like large minnows and often catch the larger sided trout and redfish.
  • Pinfish: Another small baitfish commonly sold at bait stores.
  • Small Crabs: Especially popular for catching sheepshead, as well as redfish and black drum.
  • Mud Minnows: One of the best baits for flounder and redfish.

Make sure your bait is alive and kicking when you put it on the hook. The fish prefer that! Best of luck.

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