Can Yoga Make You Fit?

Undoubtedly, body fitness is one of the many attributes of healthy living. And you would agree that several things make up for a healthy and fit look. Many people constantly get left unanswered about the truth of yoga and how it makes the body fit.

Regardless of whether you don’t have any prior knowledge of yoga, this article will show you the links between yoga and fitness. You’ll also learn what fitness is, several yoga operations, and how it may or may not make you fit.


What Is Fitness?

Ask people around you what fitness is, and you can be sure to expect different answers. However, according to a professor emeritus of Ball State University, fitness is the ability to continue living without fatigue.

Some several companies and brands create resources to help you achieve this fitness. They are known as fitness organizations. However, choosing the wrong one often leads to poor fitness levels and eventually demotivation. You can read  US fitness brand reviews to know which company is right for you based on what other people are saying about them.

It is pretty easy for many people to link fitness to only physical looks. However, many fitness comments and feedback on US-Reviews show that it also has to do with sound and alert minds.

How Does Yoga work?

Several workout routines have become extinct, but yoga has stood the test of time and has lasted longer than any exercise program. For more than five thousand years, yoga has been put to practice, and use, by different cultures and types of people globally.

Yoga does more than tone muscles and burn calories; it is a complete mind and body workout. It usually works by combining deep breathing and relaxation or meditation with stretching and strengthening poses.

Generally, yoga works in different ways, and the various forms of Yoga include:

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Power
  • Ashtanga
  • Bikram
  • Iyengar

Yoga and Fitness

A study was conducted by researchers to observe the relationship between yoga and its fit performers. About ten students took part in a yoga test for physical and mental fitness for some weeks.

After eight weeks, about 31% of the students had increased muscular strength and improved body flexibility by 188%. Additionally, their muscular endurance rose by 57% and VO2max by 7%. This goes to prove the effectiveness of yoga in building physical strength and endurance.

Further research at the Ball State University suggested that students get involved in yoga for fifteen to twenty weeks – to ascertain its effects on lung capacity. After the number of weeks, every participant in the test had enhanced lung capacity – surpassing what athletic training offers.

The Body Parts Yoga Targets

There are some areas that yoga mainly focuses on enhancing. And these body areas include;

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Glutes
  • Back

Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

If nobody has advised you to join a yoga class, you should start making considerations to start one. Why? There are several benefits to yoga that many fail to note. This section of this post will highlight some reasons to start performing yoga.

It’s the perfect workout

Unlike most workouts, yoga focuses on every aspect of the body – arms, core muscles, legs, back, and glutes. It also teaches adaptation to your speed and comfort levels.

Beneficial to breathing technique

This is a significant part of yoga exercise; it encourages a focused and centralized breathing pattern. For someone with asthma, yoga helps to open the lungs just ideally.

Improves sleep

Whether you struggle with sleep or not, yoga helps to improve bed rest. A study has proven that yoga helps to give its performers a balance and relaxed sleep.

It creates better posture

If you want to develop the best body posture, yoga is what you need. Since it involves an entire bodywork, from breathing to seated positions, it makes posture better.

Develops mental and physical strength

The significant effect of yoga is its improvements in developing the mental and physical strength of its performers. Meditation helps to improve mental health by alleviating stress and life worries.

Final Words

For a fact, yoga has proven to be effective in achieving an all-around body fitness goal. However, understanding how it works and mixing it with proper dieting will give off better results.

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