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cruiser bike

Mountain bikes are famous, they are distinct, and you can easily spot one in the streets. Nonetheless, people spend much time looking for comfortable mountain bikes and forget about the Bike Cruiser whose main role is to offer comfort. A cruiser bike falls in the category of Hybrid bikes. This bike is not the kind of bike you would take off the road and perform some tricks. The bikes have a massive frame that cannot allow you to do some tricks. However, when buying a cruiser bike, you need to be careful. You need to have a buying guide. A buying g guide will help you understand all the aspects of cruiser bikes.


The first thing to ask yourself is, what quality are you looking for or do you want? If you are a beginner, ensure you can ride in an upright posture. You should ensure that once you sit on the bike, you feel minimal pressure on your back region.  If you feel like you need to bend the back to an uncomfortable position to reach, the handles do not buy that bike size. The most significant discerning factor of a bike is maintaining an upright posture. If you get a bike that gives you the wrong back posture, you will have wasted your money.


The other critical thing to consider when buying a bike is a position the handlebars are facing. They all should be facing towards you.   If the handlebars are facing you, you will easily be able to hold them without bending so much. Bending backward can easily cause aches.

The most fantastic unique thing about the cruiser bikes are the tires. These bikes have balloon tires, which are durable. The tires provide a great height on the roads and are smoother on the road. They are very easy to pump and do not go flat quickly.  The tires are designed to pass through the road pavements.  If you ride them off the road, they will be entirely unsatisfactory.

There are cruiser bikes for male and female. Their difference is at the top bar. The top bar of the male bikes is straight. On the other hand, the top bar of the female bikes is curved. Therefore, the bike is comfortable, and you can ride it with either a skirt or a trouser.

The cruiser bikes come in different colors, sizes, and customization choices. Often, the bikes come in single speed, three speeds, and seven-speed. The single speed bikes are good if you live in a flat neighborhood.  The three speed and seven-speed bikes are the ones who prefer smoother rides, and their proximity has some hills. Nonetheless, the prices of these three bikes are not the same. Single speed bikes are cheaper than the three and seven-speed bikes. Moreover, the three and seven-speed bikes are prone to breaking down since they have parts that are more mechanical.  The single speed bikes are great; they require less maintenance fee than three speeds and seven speeds.

The women cruiser bikes are fantastic; they are such in a way you can add some accessories.  For instance, women and girls install front basket and rear carrier to add to the cuteness of the bike.   Some girls also add some decorative ribbons to beautify their bikes.


In conclusion, bikes cruisers are great; however, you do not want to buy a bike that does not fit you. Therefore, you need to have a buying guide. So many people ignore getting a buying guide and end up making a great mistake. If you do not want to lose money, do not overlook a buying guide.

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