Eight of the most surprising celebrity boxing fans

We always see a lot of notable faces outside the ring in some of world’s most highly-anticipated fights, but while Jay Z and Mickey Rourke come as no surprise as boxing fans, there’s also a number of attendees who we wouldn’t expect to see at these events.

There’s a long list of websites that cover boxing in all its glory and TeamFA fill that criteria and then some, even setting aside their own section specially organised for the sport ahead of all others, where they regularly write previews for upcoming fights and openly recommend who they’d get behind.

As something that’s likely to be an eye-opener to those who readily follow boxing, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite surprise celebrity boxing fans, with some shock additions which could easily catch you off-guard.

Sting –

Keeping his personal life as private as possible, Sting isn’t always the most predominant celebrity, but his public appearances at a handful of boxing matches have presented a hidden fondness to the sport, surely helped by his sparked friendship with Frank Bruno in the eighties.

William H Macy –

Another celebrity that doesn’t indulge in the glamorous side of Hollywood is William H Macy. He does get involved in some of the most prestigious boxing matches though, and was pictures in last year’s key bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Billy Crystal –

Remembered best for his impression of Muhammed Ali in the 1976 comedy roast, Billy Crystal has always kept one hand in boxing and continues to attend the biggest meetings. In a farewell to legendary Ali, Crystal reprised his impression in last year’s eulogy.

Tiger Woods –

Despite playing out an immensely successful career in professional golf, and conducting a massively controversial life in the public domain, Tiger Woods also gets himself involved in the world of boxing. He can be seen at all major events and loves to participate when given the opportunity.

George Lopez –

Not only a comedian and film star, George Lopez has a hand in an array of unending outlets, and boxing is one in an extensive list. He always makes appearances at all the big American bouts and is regularly pictured alongside celebrities outside the ring.

Owen Wilson –

As with a lot of Hollywood A-listers, Owen Wilson takes time out of his busy schedule to relax in the setting of a boxing ring. He’s one of the many famous Americans who loves to participate in the year’s most highly-anticipated bouts.

Jim Carrey –

Best known for his lively roles in films and dramatic demeanour, when Jim Carrey’s not diving around film sets and physically beating himself, the Canadian-born actor is watching professionals beat each other up instead. He’s a surprising addition considering his objection to a lot of activities and a passion for activism, but clearly sees boxing as a worthy exception.

Brad Pitt –

Not to be confused with the Australian professional boxer of the same name, Brad Pitt is partial to seeing a fight, which is expected to have tempted him to play gypsy boxer Mickey O’Neil in 2000 film ‘Snatch’.

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