Facts About Holster Materials

Choosing the right gear is just as important as picking out the perfect pistol. Cowhide is no longer your only option for materials when choosing a holster. Like pistol designs have evolved to meet consumer demands, so have the most important pistol accessories. While there are many different materials available, most holsters will be made with one of these options.


If you’re looking for a traditional, rugged appearance, leather is the way to go. These bring gunslinger feelings from the Old West and a classic look open carry fans crave for their approved firearms. Although the material is malleable enough to be custom-tailored to get a good grip on any weapon, it can also be a problem because it can cause minor wear to a gun’s finish.

Pistol Holster


Nylon is the material people choose when they need something portable. This material is incredibly light and can be fashioned for the smallest handguns, making it a prime candidate for concealed carry holsters. They also tend to come with a soft interior lining that minimizes the amount of wear on a weapon’s finish. On the other hand, if you don’t pick the perfect nylon holster, you could get a loose fit, meaning safety issues and discomfort.


The more modern holsters are fashioned out of Kydex. These are hard-sided and keep your weapon pressed firmly against your side, even when you are running or otherwise bouncing around. However, it also means that you will need one that is customized for each handgun. Additionally, the rigid materials can wear your gun’s finish away even quicker than a leather holster.

Choosing a material for a holster can be tough. There isn’t a perfect holster for any condition, so it is best to play around with materials and figure out what gets a good grip on the weapon and is comfortable for you.

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