Heartbeat in Real-Time: Efootball Streams Can Be More Engaging

The heart monitor is a device that keeps track of heart rhythm. Today this gadget is often used in the esports industry, but pulse control devices do not always guarantee measures of accuracy, but it’s important. Data transmission is another very important indicator. There are two main formats:

  • Bluetooth Smart is the most common format used. Supported by most heart rate monitors and all smartphones, smartwatches, sports watches, tablets, computers, etc. Energy usage is very low. The only drawback is that it does not transmit a signal through the water, which makes it impossible to use it when swimming.
  • ANT is actively used in the world of sports electronics. Technology company Garmin uses it in their products. However, it is rarely seen on smartphones and other smart devices.

Not all companies or platforms use both formats, but heart monitors of ESportsBattle are equipped with Bluetooth and ANT. The main goal of the ESportsBattle platform is to promote and develop the global esports community and support esports players. Due to the high-quality online streaming of esports tournaments available on YouTube and Twitch with the experts’ comments, the platform attracts widespread attention. The platform makes esports more engaging due to all features, including heart monitors.

ESportsBattle tournaments attract large followings

The platform’s developers decided to add innovative solutions to streams, which led to the use of heart monitors. This path-breaking initiative should encourage players and bettors because of data accuracy. All sports fans, viewers can rely on authoritative information in making decisions.

Heart rate monitors have been studied in the industry for a long time because of their useful functions. Modern software allows to store and process the received information, prepare visual reports, keep individual training diaries for each athlete and send data by email.

It is estimated that usage of heart rate monitors will enhance live tournaments views by 15%. Also, the platform expects that retaining the audience will increase by 20%, which will open new horizons concerning partnerships.

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