Mountain Biking on a Hot Weather

You may not be lucky enough to have a cool environment for enjoying a bike ride. However, it is still possible for you to go on mountain biking even in a hot weather. While heat can sabotage your riding plans and make you consider another day, here are some tips to help you keep your performance even on a hot weather.

Be Prepared

You would not want to take a route that you are not familiar with when riding for the first time. The same way, it is important for you to make acquaintances with the weather outside. Whether you will be riding your Copenhagen bike or not, have some preparation for the hot weather. The best way to prepare yourself is to perhaps make use of hot yoga and sauna.

Keep the Sun Off

Riding on a hot sun without any protection does more than causing you a sunburn.  It turns out that you will get more fatigued and your metabolism will skyrocket. This will leave you panting more than you should. You will, in turn, get thirstier and find yourself taking in more fluids, which can be quite uncomfortable for you. A sunscreen would quickly help you in solving the problem.

Take the Proper Hydration

Taking the proper fluids before your riding day is important. It is advised that you increase our intake for water and vegetables. This will help increase your sodium level in the body and sodium will, in turn, promote longer retention of water in the body. Take some electrolyte fluids as you ride.

Go Easy on Yourself

Some people push themselves hard, on a hot day as they would on a mild weather day. This may lead to frustration and despair as you will wear out, long before you complete your stretch. So, take it easy on yourself. Seek some professional help on how you should cut your power down, given the temperature and humidity of your cycling day.

No Ice Cubes

Medical experts strongly advise against adding some ice cubes to your jersey to cool off. While they may seem to work and refresh you, ice cubes cause your blood vessels to constrict, and the hot blood will be deflected back to the core. You may end up heating your core excessively, and this may result in fatigue and other health problems. The best way to cool off is pouring hot water on your neck or armpits. You could think of putting a damp towel on your neck to accelerate the cool off.

Plan for the Drinks

The hot weather may warm your water and make it of no use for cooling. To help you with this, freeze half a bottle of your water before you top it off with water. Or better still, you can preserve the cool water with ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag. If a hot riding season is ahead of you, invest in a heat cooling vest. The vests keep the skin temperature low when warming up for the race and help you to quickly cool off during the races. The vests also help to delay the dehydration process, thus reducing the workload of the heart. The factors affected by the vest will help you improve your performance and have a better racing experience.

In conclusion, take a health test before you go mountain climbing in hot weather. Mountain riding on a hot weather is an extreme endurance race that demands a lot from you. Take time to do some endurance exercises before you go riding. Check in with a professional bikes expert and find the right bike for you. Look out for some great offers on light bikes at the site and enjoy your mountain bike riding during hot weather.

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