Physical Fitness Training Program

Physical Fitness is a person’s ability to perform everyday work efficiently without experiencing/causing significant fatigue. This physical fitness is grouped into three groups:

  1. Static Fitness can be interpreted as the state of a person free of disease.
  2. Dynamic fitness can be defined as the ability to work efficiently that does not require skills, for example walking, lifting, and jumping and so on.
  3. Fitness motoric can be defined as the ability to perform work with high skill and efficiency.

In order to assess that person is fit, you should know the components of fitness itself. Components of physical fitness are grouped into two groups, namely:

  1. Health-related fitness components (heart resistance, lung, muscular strength, and endurance, flexibility, body composition).
  2. Skill-related fitness components (speed, coordination, balance, power, agility, and feeling of motion/reaction speed).

Type of fitness training program

Physical fitness letters, in fact, you’ve never do consciously or not. Physical fitness can you pack in a form of games such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, football, futsal and others. You can also join the Meltdown game or you just jogging every three weeks.

The most important thing in making a fitness training program you must understand three basic movements that can be called move, lift, stretch.

The move is a continuous rhythmic movement, using large muscles of the body either upper or lower limbs. Basic moves include roads, running, jumping, jumping and more. It aims to improve cardiac, pulmonary and improve body composition in the sense of reducing body fat (because the main fuel of motion is fat).

Lift is the movement against the load, either your own weight or burden from the outside like a partner or usually you do at the gym. It aims to train muscle strength and endurance.

Stretch is the movement of stretching the joints and stretching out muscles that can be done either statically or dynamically. This movement aims to train the flexibility of the joints and muscle flexibility so that it is expected to result in mobility of motion that is complex/high. On the basis of the movement, all components of physical fitness will be trained and fitness status will increase.

So by understanding the three basic movements, you can create a fitness training program in accordance with the desired without feeling difficult or confused. Good luck, greeting healthy and fit always.





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