Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Feminine Top 50

Born in 1881, Syers, whose real name is Florence Madeline Syers, competed in the 1902 Worlds and won a silver medal. Szabo also competed in pairs figure skating and gained the World title twice, in 1925 and 1927, which made her the only skater to hold titles for pairs and singles simultaneously.

This Norwegian star skater was a 3 time Olympic Champion in Ladies Figure Skating, a six-time European Champion and a ten- time World Champion in 1927 by way of 1936.

Baseball has turn out to be sports on steroids (pardon the pun), and one could find little problem feeling sorry for the wife of a typical, avid fan.

Lynn’s greatness lies with her management mechanism that made her ethereal skating attainable as well as her figure skating philosophy on which Lynn persistently pursued throughout her profession, which made an unimpeachable case for Lynn.

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