Save at Home so You Can Splurge on Travel

This year a staggering 100 million people will travel across the United States going 50 miles or more from home.  For some, this will be the culmination of a year-long desire to see family and friends, share meals, swap gifts and celebrate the holiday season in their traditional ways.  For many, this will be a time of leisure travel because they will have extended time off from work, and can take in some exotic locations in warmer climes.  There has been an uptick in specialty tours and travel and as the Baby Boomer generation ages out of the travel market, tour operators are vying for their business.  They are offering creative and unique experiences that combine their passions, hobbies, heritage, and palates and coming up with wonderful tours and excursions.  Some focus on a combination of domestic and international destinations while a few want to strike out across the pond and savor the flavors of distant shores.

Some take the so-called Ancestry Tours, which trace their beginnings based on the results of their DNA.  These can be by plane, train, automobile, and are usually a combination of all three.   As seniors age, their buying power might shrink, so they look for the most cost-effective means of getting to their desired destinations.  Many are turning to the pages of Groupon to save money on their everyday items, even choosing to have such things as their weekly grocery shopping done online, then delivered by their local market.  As they’ve become used to shopping for the clothes and other items they need online, shopping trendy stores like Express takes up less time and money.  There they find the items their younger children and grandchildren find appealing, and even clothing and accessories for themselves.  Express sells the latest looks popular among the Millennials so if they need tops, jeans, outerwear or sharp suits and sparkly dresses for the season, they’re just a click away.  And with one more click, they will see a significant price drop, because one Groupon code can take as much as 50% off the final price of everything in their cart.

Seniors who desire to travel will do everything they can to cut cost associated with their daily living, so they can hit the road.  One sure way to do that is to shop online and instore with coupons from Groupon for Express.

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