What to Pack When Going on a Snow Filled Adventure

Despite what many people think, just because your snow season is over doesn’t mean that you can’t still hit the slopes. It just means that you need to change your location! Whether you do it for a weekend away or you and your friends hire a cabin for a month and take on an international mountain, below is a great article on how to prepare for a snow adventure.

The More the Merrier

The snow truly is the place to have great sports adventures and to party! With many of the resort towns focusing their after-snow activities on bars and restaurants, there is a great social vibe which you can take advantage of. The best way is with your friends, so do what you can to round up as many interested buddies as possible and instead of hiring a hotel room, look at a cabin or an apartment using a room sharing platform. This is not only a great way to save money, but will often get you closer to the action.

What Should You Pack?

This is the big question; what should you pack and bring with you and what should you hire when you arrive at the slopes?

While hiring gear when you get to the snow is going to be cheaper than buying when you are in the snow fields, it’s important to consider the cost of transporting all of your gear. For example, if you are flying internationally then there will likely be fees involved for taking your snowboard or skis, let alone any additional snow equipment you want to also pack.

Your best bet is to hire heavy duty snow gear while you are there, and head to places like the Groupon Coupons page for Hot Topic to pick up some lighter yet also suitable warm clothing to pack with you.

A special note. When you are talking with your airline about taking your snowboard with you, be sure to check if the price includes your snow boots, also.

Timing is Everything

There is no denying that the peak of the peak season is going to be the most popular time to visit. However, that isn’t always a good thing. While there may be more snow mass, there will also be more people on the slopes fighting over the same terrain. It also means fewer beginners who are particularly good at getting in people’s way.

If you can, choose the time just before the season is going to end, but not when there isn’t any decent snow left. This will be the cheapest time for you all to enjoy the snow, while also being the time where you can expect to encounter significantly fewer people.

An adventure in the snow is almost always guaranteed to be a great affair. So take on these tips when you are planning, speak with your friends, and get out there and enjoy the snow, wherever the snow may be!