What to Wear When Horseback Riding on a Trail

Horseback riding can be a thrilling experience and riding a horse on a trail is often an excellent way to enjoy the scenery. However, you shouldn’t wear just anything when horseback riding. While you don’t need anything special, some good quality cheap equestrian apparel can keep you comfortable and safe throughout your ride.

Long Pants Are Essential

When riding a horse, you want to wear long pants to protect your legs. This is especially important when riding on a trail because you never know what you will come across on your journey. You should choose a pair of long pants that fit to your legs but that aren’t too tight so that you can maintain your range of motion while keeping your legs protected.


You Need Comfortable Shoes

You don’t need to have the most expensive pair of horseback riding shoes, but you should be picky about the shoes you wear when riding. A good pair of tennis shoes can suffice if you don’t have a pair of riding boots. Other options include any pair of closed-toe shoes with a bit of a heel to give you some grip in the stirrups.

The Right Top

While a good pair of pants and the right shoes are important, your top also matters. You should choose a top that’s not too tight or too loose so that you can breathe naturally and move your arms to guide the horse. Opt for a riding shirt if you want something made especially for the occasion or choose another fitted shirt.

Don’t Forget a Helmet

Whether it’s your first ride or you’re an established pro, you should wear a helmet when riding a horse. Many horses are tame and easy to control, but unfortunately, things happen. Even the tamest horse could be startled, or you could take a sharp turn and fall off. Make sure you protect your head with a riding helmet, and it can be the finishing touch on your equestrian look.

The right equestrian apparel can make your horseback ride more comfortable. Keep these tips in mind when choosing an outfit before you get on the back of a horse.

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