3 of the Best Places to Fish in Canada

With countless acres of virtually untouched natural areas, filled with beautiful, crisp lakes and clear-flowing streams and rivers, Canada is a superb country for fishing. There are areas available to fish for saltwater species as well as freshwater fish. Ice fishing means that you can participate in the activity at all times of the year.

The best areas for fishing in Canada may depend on what you want to catch as well as other personal preferences. However, many fishers agree that the following are among the best spots in Canada. Once you have obtained the necessary hooks Toronto, you may want to plan a trip to one of the following areas.


1.     Tree River

For those who have a special interest in catching a particular type of salmon called the arctic char, Tree River is the best spot according to “Across and Abroad,” an outdoor nature blog. As implied by the name, arctic char lives far to the north. Tree River is located in Nunavut Province, one of the northernmost in the country, in the western portion.

2.     Kakagi Lake

On the other hand, this lake in Ontario is a good option for people interested in trying to catch a wide variety of different fish. Also called Crow Lake and part of a larger system called Lake of the Woods, Kakagi Lake is home to species such as whitefish, bass, and muskies. It’s possible that your catch could set a record because some of the fish at Kakagi Lake grow to prodigious size.

3.     Lake Maligne

If you’re interested in catching trout and don’t mind heading for a popular spot, Lake Maligne is the place for you. It is located in Alberta’s Jasper National Park, boasts an impressive variety of trout, and benefits from the Rocky Mountains’ runoff.

These are only a few of the many excellent fishing spots the country has to offer. Half the fun of fishing in Canada may be exploring its vast expanses to find the place that works best for you.

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